8 Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Dogs


Who doesn’t love getting their furry friend a gift for the holidays? If you don’t already, consider this your sign to start. Almost all pet owners purchase a gift for their pet every Christmas, and if you’re struggling to decide what to get your furry friend this year, here are some of the best ideas you can choose from!

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  1. A new ID tag. Get your dog a new custom pet tag for the holidays this year! Include their name, medicines they take, your phone number or any other information that’s important to have listed out. This way, in the event they run away or get lost, they’re more likely to be returned faster. If your dog hates wearing traditional metal tags, consider a silicone pet tag as an alternative. They’re easy to clean, noiseless and last just as long as a metal tag! 
  2. A new cozy bed. A new dog bed might be just what your pup needs this holiday season. Consider getting them a cozy bed to lounge in on those cold winter nights when they’re not snuggling with you. Dog beds come in all shapes and sizes, but if your pup likes to sprawl out, then consider getting them one that’s a little bigger than you think they need so they have enough space. 
  3. A healthy treat. What dog doesn’t love treats? Of course, it’s important you get them some healthy treats that are filled with protein and don’t lead to blockages or other harmful things. It’s easy to give your dog the wrong kind of bone, but focusing on raw meat bones or alternative chew-toy bones that you can fill with peanut butter or their favorite treats can keep them from eating something unhealthy or unsafe. 

If you’re unsure about giving your dog a bone to munch on, you can always make them their favorite homemade healthy treat and package it into a jar. Or, alternatively, you could stuff it into a toy for them and give them the challenge to open it on Christmas Day! It’ll be so fun for you to sit back and watch your pup try to open their treat.

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  1. A dog breed test. Did you adopt your dog from the local shelter and don’t have much of an idea about their breeds or genetics? A dog breed DNA test might be just the perfect holiday gift idea! You can test your dog’s DNA by mailing in a sample so a lab can test it. The results will tell you what breeds your dog might be and any health concerns that might come with it. 

Knowing your dog’s genetics can help you plan for the future and ask their vet to check for certain conditions. Even if you purchased your pup from a breeder, it can be helpful to see the breakdown of what genes were passed along from your pup’s parents and so forth. Plus, if your family members have dogs, it can be a great present to give them too!

  1. A puzzle toy. Looking for a way for your dog to have fun while still meeting a challenge? A puzzle toy is the perfect solution! They could probably spend hours with their new toy, letting you enjoy your own new gifts you received for Christmas. Puzzle toys are great for letting your pups engage their brain and earn a fun reward after. They’ll love getting to use their senses to try and find their prize with a puzzle toy. You’ll also get some great video content of them solving the puzzle to share with friends and family! Who knows? Your pet may even go viral when you share a video of them playing with their puzzle toy.
  2. A swimming jacket. Does your pet like to go out on adventurous athletic trips with you? If you take your dog to the lake or beach, then a swimming jacket is a great gift to give your pup this holiday season. While most dogs can naturally swim, natural currents can sometimes be too strong for them. With a swimming jacket, your dog will have an easier time swimming around while out with you. 

Plus, if your pet is older, using the swimming jacket will help support them out on the water, putting less strain on their joints. They will have more support while swimming through the water than if they were just trying to paddle on their own. 

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  1. A portrait of themselves. While this one might end up being more for you than for them, who doesn’t love a self-portrait? A large watercolor portrait of your pup is a great gift for the holidays. You can hang it right above their dog bed or favorite spot on the couch to sleep, almost like you’re reserving their space for them! A good dog portrait is one that captures your dogs’ likeness. No matter whether you submit a funny photo of them or you just enlarge a photo you took from your phone, either way you’ll have a great gift to hang up on Christmas! 
  2. A pet first aid kit. Did you know that there are first aid kits for pets? These first aid kits are designed with your pet in mind. Safe antiseptics, pet-sized bandages and even tweezers usually makeup the contents of most pet first aid kits. They’re perfect for dog owners who like to take their furry friends out traveling. You never know when you’ll need one! If your dog gets bitten, caught by a branch or stumbles over rocky terrain, you can easily use their pet first aid kit to give them some comfort while you get to the closest vet or pet hospital.

Shopping during the holidays for your dog can seem tough, but there are plenty of gifts out there perfect for your pup. With just a bit of determination, you can find the perfect gift for your dog this holiday season. No matter if you choose a brand new toy or a new leash, your dog will just be excited to get a gift, too, this year.

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