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How A Puppy Grows In The First Year

Puppies go through an incredible series of changes in the first year of life. From being born blind and deaf to growing into a running, jumping ball of energy, this busy timeframe can be amazing, if overwhelming. To help you better

8 Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Dogs

Who doesn’t love getting their furry friend a gift for the holidays? If you don’t already, consider this your sign to start. Almost all pet owners purchase a gift for their pet every Christmas, and if you’re struggling to decide what to

How to Properly Groom a German Shepherd

German Shepherd Grooming is important for your pet. A German Shepherd has two layers of hair, each of which needs to be brushed in small sections. It is also important to use a proper lather when brushing. You should also clean the ears

The Best Non-Shedding Dogs For Families

If you have kids and are considering a dog, you should choose a low-shedding breed. Some dogs are also good with children, such as the Boston terrier. These breeds are great with kids because they tend to have a short coat that is easy to