Helpful Tips For Moving With A Pet


Moving is a stressful time for everyone in the household, including for legged furry family members. With all of the extra noise, changes in routine, and chaos of a move, it’s very easy for a pet to become overstimulated and overwhelmed. To make the adjustment less trouble for your pet, there are a few steps you can take prior to moving. The below infographic has a few tips and tricks to help your pets have less anxiety during the move. 

It’s important to start the overall moving process by taking a few extra steps before the actual move. One important thing is to research the area you will be moving to ahead of time and look up any pet related regulations. This can include things like neutering requirements, breed restrictions, number of pets aloud, etc. This can help you make sure your pet is a good fit for the neighborhood. Next you will want to take a tour of the neighborhood to make sure your pet has good places to walk and scope out any safety hazards. 

After arriving to your new home, you will want to quickly pet-proof the area and allow the animal to slowly adjust to the new home. Be sure to comfort your pet with extra attention and going back to your old routine as quickly as possible to help them get acclimated. Fore more tips, please see the below infographic.

Infographic created by Moving Proz, a pro moving company.

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