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Since its inception in 2005, One of a Kind Pet Rescue has provided homes for over 25,000 service animals. Our adoption numbers continue to rise each year, and we are grateful to all of our adopters who have opened their hearts and homes to our rescues.

We often receive questions about rescue work and what it means to adopt a rescued pet during these adoptions. you’ll have similar questions yourself, read on to urge answers to our FAQs.

How do we get our pets?

Our facilities are where the majority of our babies are born. We rescue a pregnant female, and after she gives birth, we look after her young either in our facility or with a foster. When the baby reaches eight weeks aged and is of sufficient health and weight, it’s spayed or neutered, microchipped, vaccinated to age, de-wormed and flea/tick treated.

Occasionally, we’ll rescue a whole litter of puppies and/or kittens from a pound. Other times, we’ll rescue a puppy (or a litter) from euthanization at a puppy mill once they are unable to seek out a pet store or home Yt5s.

What is the breed of?

Unfortunately, we don’t know. In most cases, we don’t know who the daddy of the litter is. It might be any breed. within the cases during which we have the mother, sometimes the breed is clear. If the mother may be a Beagle, German shepherd, Dalmation, or obvious breed, we’ll state intrinsically ifvod.

In many cases, the mother may be a mixture of various breeds herself. Please know this before adoption. Our veterinarians and dog specialists do their best to work out breeds, but nothing is exact. The pets never have papers. When litters are pulled from the pound, we’ve no idea what the breed is. The simplest we’ve is an informed guess.

Health is an important factor to follow

Rescue work is extremely fast paced. Our rescue coordinator is busy 24/7 pulling dogs and cats from the euthanasia list of pounds everywhere the tri-state area also as coordinating with other rescues. 

A dog or cat can go from the streets, to the dog warden’s truck, to the pound, to a transport rescue, to our transport driver, to our clinic, then to our adoption center within every week . We do everything in our power to stay all surfaces clean and sanitized, but the pet may be exposed to multiple viruses during their journey or before arrival. 

Our vaccines upon entry might not always prevent an epidemic from occurring thanks to an exposed virus within the past few days. In cases where an epidemic does occur, we do everything in our power to urge your newly rescued pet healthy again. We don’t have the financial means to perform blood tests or other rigorous testing on any pet we rescue. If the pet appears healthy, we assume that it’s.

We conduct standard tests like heartworm, FIV, FeLV, etc. We always treat conditions that present themselves while in our care, no matter the value. This includes, but isn’t limited to, operation, orthopedic surgery, eye surgery and extraction, dentals, mass removals, etc.

Charges of adoption

Our adoption fees are carefully determined. Occasionally, specials will happen for various reasons, but otherwise, the costs are standard and listed here. Pets are often adopted from county animal shelters at a lesser fee, but animal shelters are funded by the govt and your tax dollars. 

Final Words

One of a kind Pet Rescue isn’t government funded and must believe our adoption fees, donors and fundraising to hide operational costs. We operate two facilities with over fifty employees. We have over 500 pets in our care at any given time. Please understand adoption fees are supporting the efforts of the whole mission. You’re helping all of our animals, not just the one you select to adopt.

One of a kind Pets have many cats and dogs that we are caring for, providing socialization and preparing to seek out their forever homes, said Director Kamelia Fisher during a release. We hope to possess a successful Clear the Shelter Day in order that our wonderful pets will find the loving homes they’re so deserving of.

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