Pet supplies plus is a way to look forward to online food of your pets


During the COVID-19 outbreak, nearly 490 Pet Supplies Plus stores in 34 states will remain open and provide a free 2-hour curbside collection. Additionally, during the pandemic and in the future, several stores in 17 states are distributing pet food and supplies to pet parents’ homes.

With curbside pickup, pet parents may easily order online and have their products gathered and packaged for curbside pickup, where a team member will deliver the items to their car.

Choosing a store for pet food

Select stores within the following states also will offer home delivery services: Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

Our top priority is to provide a safe and convenient place for pet parents to get high-quality food and supplies for their animals, according to Chris Rowland, Pet Supplies Plus Chief Military Officer.

Pet parents shouldn’t desire they need to compromise their pets’ nutrition or other needs during this pandemic. Curbside pickup, also as delivery at as many stores as possible, are designed to supply safe options for our neighbors ifvod.

Quality has no alternative

Now with quite 490 locations in 34 states across the country, Pet Supplies Plus offers a good array of natural pet foods, a spread of Made within the USA pet consumables, like wet and dry food, treats, rawhide and chews. 

Set in welcoming neighborhood environments, Pet Supplies Plus team members get to understand their neighbors and pets by name at every store. 

Many locations also feature a full offering of grooming services tailored to satisfy every pet’s needs, including washes, haircuts, body brushing, flea treatment, and nail, skin, ear, and oral care.

Products in demand

One of the explanations for the continued heightened demand within the pet products industry is the humanization of pets, said Dave Bolen, president, and CEO of Pet Supplies Plus. 

We’ve skilled that trend by conveniently locating our stores in neighborhoods and making our stores friendly for the neighbors who want to bring their pets shopping. 

Customer’s loyalty matters

We’ve improved our shopping experience by focusing on made-in-the-USA pet consumables, natural and organic pet food, and in-store pet services, all of which have increased traffic and customer loyalty.

Now, we’re looking to seek out business-savvy franchise partners who share a passion for pets who want to be an integral part of their community.

For franchise expansion, the pet chain plans to focus on fast-growing markets from Florida to Minnesota, including Oklahoma, Nebraska, Missouri, Tennessee, Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and Texas.

Quantity in growth

To organize for the accelerated growth, executives invested in strengthening infrastructure, expanding the shop support center team for both corporate and franchised stores and introduced a replacement neighborhood-centric prototype. The chain also built a replacement 760,000-plus square-foot distribution center.

Most of the businesses shared that their challenges in doing personalization supported various factors including the quantity of knowledge they need , siloes between in-store experience data and their web experience data, problems with catalog updates, etc.

A high percentage of the businesses polled are measuring personalization only on the online and only about 4% are measuring personalization across the whole business.

And nearly 50% of the businesses are building more stores.

Customer’s choice that matters

Pet Supplies Plus is a component of an industry where it’s been reported that 85 million households have pets and customer spending exceeds $70 billion a year on pet food, supplies, medicine, and vet services, Roland shared.

Pet Supplies Plus’ mission when creating its omnichannel experience was to have a personalised, customer-centric shopping experience that replicated its friendly, neighbourhood in-store feel online.

Roland described the experience almost like when a customer walks into grocery and therefore the staff remembers their name, what they buy regularly, maybe divulge a present because they know they’re returning customers, make recommendations, or maybe casually invite feedback.

Final Say

This is spot-on the commerce experience we would like to supply , which is tough to try to do , Roland said. If your customers are on one channel, you’ve got to get on an equivalent channel. you only can’t really know what tomorrow brings, but you’ve got to get on top of it. you’ve got to stay in an in depth relationship together with your clients.

Roland explained that to effectively deliver on omnichannel personalization not only does one have to have certain requirements in situ for the platform on which you’re building.

But you furthermore may have to be ready to establish new channels that employment seamlessly with the channels you currently have, which may be a challenge.

Adding to the present complexity, you would like to possess your systems connected to be ready to leverage the info you’re getting from these experiences together with your customers.

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